The interdisciplinary minor in medieval studies consists of seven courses as follows:

  • 2 courses selected from the following: 01:510:209 (Emergence of Medieval Europe)/ 01:667:281 (Medieval Civilization, I); 01:510:211 (Harvest of the Middle Ages)/01:667:282 (Medieval Civilization, II); 01:506:271 Jewish History I: Ancient and Medieval; 01:082:105 Introduction to Art History, Prehistory to 1400; 01:098:241 East Asian Civilizations: Premodern Era
  • 01:667:481 (Senior Seminar in Medieval Studies)
  • four courses selected from the list of approved courses

There are three "distribution overrides:"

  • at least five of the seven courses must be taken outside the student's major
  • at least three of the seven courses must be at the 300 level or above
  • at least two of the seven courses must be taken in each of two disciplines outside the student's major

Minor Worksheets