Executive Committee

Diane Shane Fruchtman (2021-2025)

Stacy Klein  (2019-2023)

Tia Kolbaba, (2019-2023, on leave: 2019-2020)

Jim Niessen, Alexander Library (2021-2025)

Former Officers

Laura Weigert, will be on leave for the 2019-2020 year. In her absence, Ana Pairet will be Acting Director**

Sarah Novacich, (July 2017-June 2019)

Steven Reinert, (July 2015- June 2019)

Jim Niessen,  (2021-2025)

McDonnell Committee

Serena Connolly, (2019-2023)

Jim Niessen, Alexander Library (ex-officio)

Alessandro Vettori, (2019-2023)

Jessey Choo, (2021-2025)

Charles Häberl, (2021-2025)

Former officers

Stacy Klein, (July 2015-June 2019)

Sarah Novacich, (July 2015-June 2019) )