Description and Requirements

Students with a special interest in medieval studies may pursue, in the course of their regular program of studies toward an advanced degree, a special concentration in medieval studies. Those who fulfill the requirements may be awarded the certificate in Medieval Studies upon completion of their degrees. The special requirements for the certificate, many of which may also be used to satisfy the student's graduate degree requirements, are as follows:

  1. At least two courses in a medieval subject within the student's own degree program, with no grade lower than B.
  2. At least three other courses in medieval culture from other participating degree programs, with no grade lower than B.
  3. Demonstration of a reading knowledge of at least two languages in the forms common during the Middle Ages.
  4. Completion of a master's thesis, doctoral thesis, or an expanded seminar paper on a topic in medieval civilization.

The various courses in medieval studies are offered by the participating faculty and additional faculty through their departments.

Graduate courses that originate in the Medieval Studies Program:

  • 16:667:501,502. Medieval Latin (3,3)
    Prerequisite: Two terms of classical Latin.
    An overview of Medieval Latin; grammar and syntax followed by readings in major texts, including works in theology, philosophy, and literature.
  • 16:667:550,551. Medieval Paleography (3,3)
    Introduction to the study of manuscripts, records, and the manuscript book.