Course NumberOffering DepartmentCourse Title
01:013:201 AMESALL Classical Literatures of Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia
01:082:105 Art History Introduction to Western Art History (pre-history to 1400)
01:082:203 Art History Sacred Sites: Materializing and Experiencing the Divine
01:082:308 Art History Italy: 1250-1400
01:098:241 Asian Studies East Asian Civilizations: Premodern Era
01:165:341 Chinese Major Traditions in Chinese Thought
01:165:476 Chinese Women in Premodern China
01:358:309 English Issues and Problems in Medieval Literature and Culture
01:358:356 English Chaucer
01:506:271/ 01:685:208/ 01:563:201 History/ Middle Eastern Studies/ Jewish Studies Jewish History I: Ancient and Medieval
01:510:248 History The Last Climate Crisis: Histories of the “little Ice Age,” c.1300-1800
01:510:255:90 History Dracula: Facts & Fictions
01:563:146, 01:840:123, 01:013:111 Jewish Studies/ Religion/ AMESALL The Bible in Aramaic
01:667:220 Medieval Studies Greek Food from Antiquity to Today
01:667:281/ 510:209 Medieval Studies/ History Medieval Civilization
01:685:410/ 01:508:410 Middle Eastern Studies/ History Medieval Turkey
01:840:311 Religion Christians, the ‘Other,’ and Violence
01:840: 312 Religion Greek Christianity